Custody On Trial – The Bahr Cases, Trials and Tribulations

by Gary Bahr

Custody On Trial is the story of Gary Bahr’s struggle in Wisconsin for the best interests of his children in the courts and in Supreme Court in Bahr v Bahr 1972 and Bahr v Galonski, 1977  Wisconsin and in between.

Custody On Trial is Melanie Bahr’s fight to retain custody and Gary Bahr’s struggle in numerous trials before  Judge Urban P. Van Susteren’s court in Appleton, Wisconsin to change custody to him. The book is also about a father versus a judge. The judge made three reversible errors during five years of decisions or orders according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Trenton Bahr and Stephanie are the children of Melanie and Gary’s marriage.

The Bahr cases form the basis to Custody On Trial and the story of the trials and tribulations and journey of Gary Bahr appearing personally twice before the Wisconsin Supreme Court for opinions against Judge Urban P. Van Susteren decisions that retained custody with Melanie Bahr despite a lot of evidence to the contrary. The cases became famous enough to have become known simply as the “Bahr Cases”. They added support to the theory in custody cases that “The Best Interests of the Child” is most important and that a Guardian ad Litem must be appointed whenever a child’s welfare is in question.

P.S. This story is going to take a while… In life the story is finished. Gary finally won custody of his two children. The kids are grown. Each have made Grandkids. All I need is time to finish this book. Feel free to read the Supreme Court cases above and other pages. This P.S. will be removed when the book is finished ~ Gary Bahr, Author, The Universe.

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